If you have just paid cash for your vehicle or equipment and your accountant advises that finance would have been a better option, do not worry. It is not too late to enter a Sale and Lease back arrangement.

What is Sale and Lease back?

As the name suggests, you sell your vehicle or equipment to the financier for an agreed price and they lease it back to you via a Finance Lease. We have Sale and Lease back packages available for vehicles and equipment purchased within 6 months at the time of application.

Major Benefits to your business:

  1. Allows return of working capital to your business.
  2. Fixed payments allow for more accurate budgeting and protect you against interest rate fluctuations.
  3. Rentals are fully tax deductable if the vehicle or equipment is used in generating taxable income.
  4. Direct debiting of your monthly payments can be arranged saving you time and money.
  5. GST applies to monthly rentals.

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